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Note: The images for the Towards Symmetry series have been taken from colour slides from 1969-70. These paintings no longer exist as Ian over-painted all of these canvasses.

"6 70" 1970 oil 30x34cm

"12 70" 1970 oil 30x34cm

"8 70" 1970 oil 30x30cm

"1 70" 1970 oil 30x34cm

"11 70" 1970 oil 30x34cm

"2 692 1969 oil 20x30cm

These paintings are related to screen prints of the same period, but in more restrained colours and tones. Ian used the date of completion as titles for the paintings, as he was later to do in the 1980s. Most of the paintings were small (30x30cm) and were subsequently over painted or recycled.