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GRIDS (1965-70)

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"2 68" 1968 oil on canvas 183x178cm

"7 69" 1969 oil on canvas 183x200cm

"6 69" 1969 oil on canvas 182x182cm

Ian wrote the following sometime in late 60ís and contemporary to the Grids and Abstracts:
- Painting is the chromatic structure of surface.
- The structure will be 2 dimensional.
- When the structure requires 3 dimensions, it will cease to be painting and become construction.
- Painting is governed by basic perception of order which defines the square and the circle.
- Painting will not represent the visual appearance of nature.
- The structure will be amplified by the use of colour.
- Colour will be functional and not emotional.
- The armature is the total area of the painting from which the structure is derived.
- The painting being a finite structure will refer only to itself.

"5 69" 1969 oil on canvas 30x30cm

"6 68" 1968 oil on canvas 30x30cm

"On Red" 1966 polymer on canvas 127x102cm