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"Fragments of a Lost Civilisation" 1962 oil 127x102cm

"Nemesis" 1963 oil 122x153cm

Title unknown 1962 oil
At the time of this work, Ian was developing a progressive approach to painting that combined the psychological with the material, to produce a strong evaluation of the human condition. Lists of objects were re-arranged in categories not normally associated with those objects. For example, a pillar box and tomato are closer by virtue of colour than, say, a gooseberry and tomato. For Ian, art was ďa thought made material by some means. It is the means which is the catalystĒ.

His sketch books of the time are full of sketches from Chichen Itza, which Ian may have made at the British Museum. He drew everyday objects such as telephones, tools and pipework in the same style. World events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and post-war reconstruction must also have influenced Ianís work.

The paintings were exhibited at the Drian Gallery, which was run by Halima Nalecz who championed artists less likely to be seen in the prestigious Bond Street galleries.

"The way is not easy" 1963 etching 39x58cm

"They never stood a chance" 1963 etching 38x56cm

"Fragments" 1964 etching 40x57cm